Mullooly Carey Scholarship Fund Scholarship to support first generation in college students who have lost a parent, child or spouse. Together we tackle some of the worldâ? Botany and Plant Pathology Academic Enrichment Endowment Fund, Bradford-Adams Endowed Scholarship for CANR FSHN, Bradford-Adams Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry, Bradford-Adams Endowed Scholarship for Natural Science Nutritional Science, Bradley Clifton Des Lauriers Fund in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bravo Scholarship in James Madison College at Michigan State University, Broad International Business Forum Scholarship, Brough Spartan Marching Band Leadership Award, Bruce and Sue Augenstein Advertising Scholarship, Bruce H. Drukker, M.D. Alumni Distinguished Scholar Award, A. Gordon Adams, Jr. James Madison Fellows Scholarship, Alexander W. Cron Construction Management Undergraduate Memorial Endowment, Alvin and Irene Arens Scholarship in the College of Nursing, Alvin and Irene Arens Scholarship in The Eli Broad College of Business, Ambrose D. Pattullo Endowed Scholarship in Poetry, Andrew J. and Valarie A. Watson Endowed Scholarship, Arnson Family - Muskegon Area Michigan State University Alumni Club Scholarship, Arthur C. and Lois D. Kittleson Endowed Scholarship, Barbara Rickerd Thompson Expendable Scholarship, Bert K. and Karol Sisson Endowed Scholarship, Betty Mitchell Colden Memorial Scholarship, Central Ohio MSU Alumni Association Scholarship, Charles H. and Meriam V. Coy Fund for International Exchange, Community College Valedictorian Scholarship, David and Susan Burke PreVeterinary Scholarship, David D. Anderson Award for the Best Freshman Essay in American Thought and Language, David Edward Kraft Memorial Scholarship Fund of Genesee County, David H. Carpenter Expendable Scholarship, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences George W. Carver Scholar, Department of Park and Recreation Resources Endowed Scholarship, Detroit Free Press High School Journalism Scholarship Endowment, Distinguished Freshman Tuition Scholarship, Donald Moe Memorial Expendable Scholarship Fund-Dept of Hort, Dr. Charles and Martha Vincent MSU Black Alumni Natural Science Endowed Scholarship, Earl L. Bolle and Mary Jo Bolle Memorial Scholarship Fund, Earvin 'Magic' Johnson Scholarship Endowed by the Los Angeles Lakers, Edward A. Mellman Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities, Edward and Carol Schoener Endowed Scholarship Fund, Eleanor M. and Wilhelm M. Beckert Forestry and Horticulture Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship Fund, F.A. Quinter Miller Family Scholarship Fund Andrew Hammel. Memorial Endowed Scholarship, General Motors Corporation Endowed Scholarship, George and Agnes Greenleaf Scholars Enrichment, George and Maria Johnson Men's Basketball Expendable Scholarship, George and Maria Johnson Men's Basketball Managers Endowed Scholarship, George and Nancy Axinn International Scholarship Fund in Resource Development, George E. and Betty L. Merva Endowed Scholarship, George F. McGregor Endowed MBA Fellowship Fund, George J. Wallace and Martha C. Wallace Endowed Scholarship, George L. Seamon, Jr. Veterinary Scholarship, George M. and Hilda G. Shrake Endowed Scholarship, George Webster Expendable Scholarship Fund, Georges Jules Joyaux Overseas Study Scholarship, Gerald and Lois Park Amateur Radio Endowed Scholarship Fund, Gerald L. & Dorothy L. Roberts Expendable Scholarship Fund, Gerald R. Miller Communication Enrichment Fund, Gerald T. Babcock Endowed Fund in Chemistry, Geraldine T. Elliott Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education, Gilbert and Leona Schumann Endowed Scholarship, Gilbert and Martha LaFare Endowed MBA Scholarship, Gilbert and Martha LaFare Endowed Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine, Gilchrist-Collingwood International Scholarship, Gill-Chin Lim Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Global Studies, Gladwin County Soil Conservation District Scholarship, Glen Hatcher, Jr., D.O. Richard Zinman Award(s) for Study Abroad in James Madison College, Ray and Bernice Hutson Memorial Entomology Endowment, Raymond F. Giffels Memorial Engineering Scholarship, Raymond J. and Wilma M. Lloyd Global Engineering Education Award, Recreational Boating Industry Scholarship and Internship Program, Redmond and Edna Cotter Agri-Business Scholarship, Reginald A. Emmert Animal Science and Forestry Alumni Endowed Scholarship, Renee Firestone Endowed Scholarship Established by Tom and Dan Weinman, Rewarding Extraordinary Students Possessing Exceptional Courage and Tenacity Expendable Fund, Rhodes (Gene) Thompson Endowed Fellowship Fund in Entomology, Richard and Susan Liblong Endowed Scholarship in Communication Arts and Sciences, Richard C. Dubes Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship Fund, Richard C. Nametz Memorial Endowed Award in Chemistry, Richard E. Augenstein Public Relations Scholarship, Richard H. and Patricia L. Ruch Endowed Scholarship, Richard J. Lewis Quality of Excellence Award, Rita L. Hopkinson Endowed Memorial Scholarship, Riverside Osteopathic Hospital Guild Endowed Scholarship, Riverside Osteopathic Hospital Medical Staff Endowed Scholarship, Robert 'Buck' McCurry Football Scholarship, Robert A. and Marjorie A. Holmes Scholarship, Robert C. and Betty A. Scholarship Title Amount Due Date; 1,000 Dreams Fund's Twitch BroadcastHER Grant: $2,000 : Varies: 16th District PTA Scholarship: N/A : 03/04/2021: AAAE Native Americans Scholarsh Blue Care Network of Michigan Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Pedro Rivera, D.O. Edward J. Barant Scholarship; For incoming freshmen graduating from a specific Michigan high school or school district. 50th Anniversary Alumni Annual Fund Endowed Scholarship AED T. G. Jackson Scholarship Fund AHEPA 310 Senior Housing Scholarship Endowment Fund Aden "Jack" Cooper Endowed Scholarship Fund Airbus Americas Engineering, Inc. Endowed Scholarship in the College of Engineering Akridge-DeVan Family Endowed Scholarship in Education Sells, Jr. Endowed Scholarship, William and Sarah Hinman Scholarship Fund, William B. Lloyd Endowment in Building Construction Management, William B. Stutler Marching Band Scholarship, William B. Weil, Jr., M.D. Captain Mark D. Rullman, USMC '86 Scholarship: Charles L. Greene Endowed Scholarship: Clarence D. Rogers Diversity Scholarship Fund: Edward J. and Mary I. Zink Endowed Scholarship: Filmco, Inc. Edward and Carol Schoener Endowed Scholarship Fund; State of Michigan. The Rizzuto Family Endowed Travel Scholarship, established by Dr. Tony Rizzuto, chair and professor of architecture at KSU, and his parents, Carol R. and Tony S. Rizzuto, provides financial support to KSU students studying architecture abroad Applicants must be undergraduates in education or human services with a minimum 3.0 GPA who are financing their own education, have financial hardship in the family and show a record of volunteering in community-service activities. Edwards Renewal App Sample Do Not Submit.pdf. For a limited number of incoming freshmen living in a specified Michigan county or graduating from a specific Michigan high school or school district. Endowed Scholarship, Edwin J. McLean Scholarship in Corrugated Packaging, Elbridge and Jan Moxley Award for Excellence in Equine Medicine, Eldon C. Rosegart Endowed Scholarship Fund in Instrumental Music, Eleanor and Charles Greenleaf, Sr. Study Abroad Scholarship Award, Eleanor L. Gilmore Endowed Excellence Fund in Microbiology for the College of Natural Science, Elizabeth Boardman Kett Endowed Scholarship in Math Education, Elsie M. Jackson Endowed Scholarship Fund, Emerson and Dorothy Ohl Endowed Scholarship Fund, Endowed Scholarship for German Language and Culture in Mayen Program, English Gardens & Fairlane Florist of West Bloomfield Retail Development Scholarship Fund, Environmental Planning and Management Program in Europe Endowment, Ernest G. and Phyllis C. Green MSU Black Alumni Scholarship in Social Science, Ernest O. and Aurora H. Melby Endowed Fellowship, Ernst & Young Endowment Fund for the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Estralita Johnson Ward and Lloyd D. Ward Endowed Scholarship for Olympic Spirit in English, Eugene A. Oliveri, D.O. Welcome to MSU Scholarships Getting Started. Scholarship: George Janik Endowed Scholarship: John Gus and Ara Lou Panutsos Endowed Scholarship: Kent State University Alumni Legacy Scholarship Endowed scholarship funds are ensuring legacies. 'Duke' Winters Memorial Fellowship, Dr. Howard A. and Helen K. Tanner Fisheries Research Endowment, Dr. Jack Allen and Dr. Tom Pierson Endowed Scholarship Endowment Fund, Dr. Jacqueline D. Taylor and Family Graduate Research Grant, Dr. James J. Davis Endowed Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Jean R. Lannen and Dr. Richard P. Lannen Veterinary Scholarship Fund, Dr. Kwan-Wai So Memorial Scholarship Fund in History, Dr. Lawrence E. and Violet I. Dawson Professional Development Endowment Fund, Dr. Lee McIntosh Memorial Award in Plant Biochemistry, Dr. Leo W. Mericle and Dr. Rae Phelps Mericle Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Louis A. Endowed Scholarship Fund, William Beardsley International Business Scholarship, William C. and Delrose Marlene Martino Scholarship, William C. Stenquist and Kathryn Burgess Stenquist Landscape Architecture Scholarship, William E. and Phoebe B. Clark Scholarship for the Returning Adult Student, William E. Costabile Journalism Scholarship Endowment, William G. "Bill" and Zelda Keck Memorial Scholarship, William G. Stuckle and Marion E. Stuckle Scholarship Fund in Nursing, William G. Youatt Memorial Endowed Scholarship, William H. and Eleanor E. Willert Endowed Scholarship for Graduates of Dundee High School, William J. and Julia L. Hargreaves Endowed Fellowship, William J. Lowe Endowed Scholarship for Undergraduate Study in Ireland, William M. Falls, Ph.D., Endowed Scholarship, William R. and Denise Nielsen Performing Arts Management Internship, William W. and Evelyn M. Taylor Endowed Fellowship for International Engagement in Coupled Humans and Natural Systems, William W. Heusner Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Kinesiology, William Wohlgamuth Memorial Scholarship for the Study of Youth in Sports, Woodrow W. & Mary B. Smith Award for Excellence in Medicine, Woodrow Wilson, Sr. and Lillie B. Wilson Endowed Scholarship in Education, Phi Theta Kappa Trustee Scholarship - International Students, Victor H. and Rachel P. Noll Scholarship in Education, 426 Auditorium Road, Room 250, Shirley Anne Hawke Scholarship. 2018-2019 School Year Scholarships Awarded Allied Health Allied Health Direct Benjamin E., Cornelia S., & Stephen G. Morgan Direct Corpus Christi Surgical Society Endowed Professor Edward W. Daner Direct Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation Memorial Direct Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation Memorial Endowed Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia Direct The President’s Club – Lifetime Members of the President’s Club – Lifetime have provided a gift of $10,000 or more in a calendar year, established an endowment with a personal gift of a minimum of $10,000 or more, and/or irrevocably assigned a life insurance policy of … Brown Fellowship in American History, Harry L. and Minet E. Conrad Engineering Scholarship, Harry L. and Minet E. Conrad Supplemental Engineering Fund, Harry M. and Joyce C. Trebing Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Economics, Harry Reed Endowed Scholarship in History, Hawaii Study and Internship Program Enrichment Fund, Hazel and Karen Kiser Endowed Scholarship Fund, Hazen J. and Margaret S. Wilson Endowed Scholarship, Health Professions Open College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship, Helen and Rolf Illsley Endowed Scholarship, Helen Tretheway Endowed Voice Scholarship, Hendrik Zwarensteyn Memorial Endowed Research Awards, Henry and Annabel Larzelere Graduate Fellowships Endowment, Henry and Cathy Vaupel Endowed Equine Scholarship, Henry and Donna Anderson Endowed Scholarship, Henry J. and Betty Montoye Endowed Scholarship, Henry P. Eames Endowed Scholarship in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Herb and Florence Reiley Mixed Rifle/Pistol Team Endowed Scholarship, Herbert S. Humphrey Endowed Scholarship Fund in the Department of Forestry, Hershel Goren Undergraduate Chemistry Scholarship, HFTP Endowed Finance and Technology Scholarship, Hibbert Family Foundation Scholarship Endowment, Hideya and Lillian Kumata College of Communication Arts and Sciences Memorial Fellowship, HMD Family Fund for the Financial Markets Institute, Honda Shing Endowed Scholarship / Fellowship in Computer Science, Honors College Alumni Association Distinguished Expendable Scholarship Fund, Honors College Alumni Association Scholarship, Howard and Joan Hagerman Scholarship for LBC Biology, Howard F. and E. Francella Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund, Howard F. and Esther L. McColly Scholarship, Howard O. Emorey Endowed Scholarship in Business, Hymen and Miriam Stein Endowed Scholarship Fund, I. C. Shah Endowed Scholarship for Students from India, IBM Computer Science Alumni Scholarship/Fellowship Fund, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate Fellowship, Inez and Gladys Harmon Endowed Scholarship Fund, Ingham County Medical Society Auxilary Scholarship Fund, Ingham County Medical Society Clinical Excellence Award Fund, Ingham County Osteopathic Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship, Ingrid Saunders Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund, Institute of Agriculture Technology Endowed Scholarship, Institute of International Health Student Endowment, International Experience Enrichment Fund for COM, Ira and Jennie Greene Endowed Scholarship, Irene B. Arens Faculty Folk Endowed Scholarship, Irene H. and Dr. Lloyd M. Williams Endowed Scholarship, J. Franklin Hyde Scholarship in Science Education, J. W. and C. P. Thomas Enrichment Fellowship Fund, Jack B. Memorial Scholarship, Andrew E. Rasmussen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Andrew R. and Claudine Burkhart Jackson Dairy Food Science and Human Nutrition Scholarship, Anita M. White Internship Scholarship in Dietetics, Ann Graham Public Education Policy Internship, Ann Marie Bolger Memorial Scholarship in Student Affairs, Anne Murphy Janca Endowed Scholarship Fund, Arlon E. and Shirley A. Elser Endowed Scholarship, Arnold D. and Helen E. Suomi Endowed Scholarship, Arthur F. Brandstatter Endowed Scholarship, Arthur J. Harris Endowed Scholarship in Electrical Engineering, Arthur L. Foley, II., M.D./Ph.D. Since the final internship is a full-time, full-semester Our donors allow the Admissions & Financial Aid office to identify and reward outstanding students who, we believe, will be an asset to Johnson. Matthew and Mary Ellen Zabik Natural Science Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry, DTN Management Co. Endowed Scholarship Fund, E. Palmer and Margaret J. Shelton Endowed Scholarship Fund, Earl F. McCracken and Louis J. Steiner Endowed Scholarship in Business, Ed and Dot Slade Israel Study Scholarship, Edgar L. Harden Endowed Memorial Scholarship, Edward A. Augenstein Memorial Scholarship, Edward and Carol Franczek Endowed Scholarship, Edward H. Ryder and Georgia S. Ryder Scholarship, Edward J. Petry Endowment in Support of Graduate Fellowships, Edward N. Hodges III, J.D. Hettie Hough Rickett Scholarship,South Carolina State Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc.,June M. Boggs Scholarship,Dr. Early Childhood Scholarship, Juett-Hackett Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education, June Evans Award Endowed Scholarship Fund, Karen J. O'Donovan Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in Teacher Education, Karl H. Lukens Forestry Endowed Scholarship, Katherine and Merle L. Esmay Endowed Fellowship, Keith Goldhammer Endowed Scholarship in Educational Administration, Keith W. and Gertrude Ann Miller Memorial Scholarship, Keki, Phyllis & Rohinton Mistry Distinguished Award in Chemistry, Kelly Foundation Scholarship Fund for the English Literature in Ireland Program, Ken Thompson Endowed Scholarship for Football, Kenneth and Shirley Polakowski Family Scholarship, Kenneth B. and Carole A. Yerrick Endowed Scholarship Fund, Kenneth C. Beachler Arts Management Internship, Kenneth E. and Eleanor M. Coulter Endowed Scholarship in Agricultural Economics, Kenneth G. Bloomquist Fellowship in Wind Conducting, Kenneth J. Lord Endowed Scholarship Fund within the College of Engineering, Kermit H. and Ruth M. Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund for Prospective Teachers, Kimberly-Clark Corporation School of Packaging Endowment, Kirk and Marjorie Lawton Graduate Student Support Award in Crop and Soil Science, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Endowment, Kotaiah and Ruckminamma Kareti Endowed Scholarship, KPMG Fund for Academic Excellence in Accounting, Kyle C. Kerbawy Graduate Student Research Award, Lane and Virginia Holdcroft Graduate Fellowship for African Development Fund, Larry P. Miller Expendable Journalism Scholarship Fund, Laura Anne Polakowski Endowed Scholarship in Packaging, Lawrence W. Von Tersch Endowed Scholarship, LeAnn B. Goodwin Endowed Graduate Research Fellowship, Lenny and Mary Govoni Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Leo and Betty Blazok Endowed Scholarship Fund, Leo and Dorothy Rohrstock (Rohr) Memorial Scholarship for Voice, Leo K. Shiya/Dr. George M. Kabakovich Trust in Memory of Holly Jean Kabakovich, D.O. Discover other colleges with merit scholarships matching your unique strengths. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or adding to one, please contact: Ben Davis ’88 Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development 607-254-7165 Johnson Scholarships Albert Fried, Jr. Fellowships […] Dr. L. B. and Dixie Adkins Family Scholarship Alumni Association Lifetime Membership Endowed Scholarship AT&T Endowed Scholarship Frances Aycock Johnson and Jo Ann Aycock Thomas Scholarship T. T. Beemon Scholarship Ruth Bennett Memorial Scholarship (Partially Endowed) Clayton Blount Scholarship Pleas Clayton and Amanda Breazeale Blount Scholarship Dr. Austin P. Boggan Scholarship … ?s toughest problems to find solutions that make life better. In most instances, no additional applications are required. and Elena A. Oliveri Scholarship Fund, Evelyn and Robert Scheffel Undergraduate Business Scholarship, F. Brooks and Jan Thomas Endowed Hospitality Business Student Scholarship, F. James and Elizabeth M. Votruba Higher Education Leadership Enrichment Fund, F. W. Bakker-Arkema Minority Endowed Scholarship Fund in Biosystems Engineering, Fifth Third Bank Multicultural Scholar Program, Financial Markets Institute Scholarship Endowment, Fitch H. Beach Endowed Engineering Scholarship or Fellowship, Flint Area Medical Education Staff Scholarship Award, Florence Gravelle Oberg Endowed Memorial Scholarship, Florence Rudman Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Education, Following Stuart M. Zurvalec's Dream Expendable Scholarship, Food Science and Human Nutrition Graduate Endowment in Honor of Dawson, Harmon, and LeVeille, Ford Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Endowed Scholarship Program, Ford Motor Company/Michigan State University Alumni Scholarship, Forest Akers Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship Fund, Francis Seymour Ph.D. OsteoCHAMPS Endowed Scholarship, Frank A. and Kathleen L. Fear Bailey Student Experiences Endowment, Frank and Ruby Zara Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Voice, Frank B. Martin CUMREC Endowed Fellowship, Frank J. McDevitt, D.O. The ESM Endowed Scholarship fund has a goal of raising $25,000 in 5 years. The scholarship is open to graduate or undergraduate students attending or planning to enroll in a United States college or university for the Spring Semester of 2021. Edwards First-time App for Students in College Sample Do Not Submit.pdf. Lamoin A and Mary M Montel Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund Dylan Cordill. ESM Endowed Scholarship This scholarship will provide students with much needed support for tuition, travel, books and supplies. Endowed Scholarship, Glenn and Thelma Buell College of Education Endowed Scholarship, Glenn and Thelma Buell Endowed Scholarship, Glenn D. Berkheimer Family Endowed Scholarship in Science Education, Glenn Lake Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarship, Glynn McBride Michigan Association of Farmer Cooperatives Endowed Scholarship Fund, Golf Course Builders Association of America Foundation Scholarship, Gonzenbach Fund for Student Mentoring and Research, Goode Family Endowed Competitive Scholarship Fund, Gordon A. Sabine Endowed Journalism Scholarship, Gordon and Norma Guyer Endowed Internship Program, Gordon E. Guyer Endowed Fellowship in Aquatic Entomology, Grand Traverse MSU Alumni Club Endowed Scholarship, Greater St. Louis Michigan State Alumni Association Club Scholarship, Guy G. Speeker Alumni Distinguished Scholarship, H. William and Elizabeth A. Klare Memorial Scholarship, Hal Vogler Memorial Turfgrass and Landscape Equipment Endowed Scholarship, Hall-Hanna Young Scholars Fund in Philosophy, Harold and Phyllis Duchan Student Enrichment Endowment, Harold and Phyllis Wochholz Endowed Scholarships/Fellowships, Harold Hart Endowed Fellowship in the Chemical Sciences, Harriette B. Sherman Endowed Scholarship Fund, Harris "Frank" Beeman Expendable Scholarship, Harry and Margaret Towsley Center for Science and Mathematics Teachers, Harry and Susan Craig Memorial Fellowship in Business Administration, Harry C. and Doris S. Barnett Scholarship, Harry J. 89 South St, Suite 603, Boston, MA 02111. William Randolph Hearst Scholarship ... Esther and Edward Lee Scholarship. The Carl R., Mary G. and Mary Carol Sapp Scholarship Trust was established by the estate of Mary Carol Sapp in 2018 to provide scholarships to students who attend or attended Forsyth County high schools, and who reside in the Foundation's service area. Edinboro University offers a wide variety of scholarships for academics, athletics, graduate study and more. Mission Statement The Edwards Scholarship Fund was established in 1939 by Grace M. Edwards, a lifelong resident of Boston. Award for Excellence in Rural Medicine, Daniel Rosenthal Legislative Intern Award, Darla Paselk Endowed Memorial Scholarship, David and Marion Dilley Endowed Scholarship and Research Fund, David and Mary Jessup Dietetic Internship Scholarship, David and Melissa Riggs Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship Fund, David and Sara Taft Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry, David L. Kragt Memorial Scholarship Fund in Communication Arts and Sciences, David O. Hough, M.D. For most of these scholarships, all qualifying students are automatically considered for the awards by completing the FAFSA.In cases where an application is required, the Financial Aid Office contacts students by email. Charles F. Adams Scholarship ... Carol J. Harland Scholarship Freeda Hartzfeld and Arthur C. Jones Scholarship. Noble R. and Ada B. Miller Scholarship Fund Brandy Crouse. The student(s) must be a U.S. citizen and first generation in this country (i.e., child of two immigrant parents/single parent) or an immigrant themselves. The Isabelle S. Purnell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for Future Teachers was established in 2009 through a bequest from the estate of Isabelle S. Purnell, who died in 2006 at the age of 93. The Fund seeks to further the development of good citizenship through education by offering college scholarships to men and women of good character and ability who are in need of financial assistance. James P. Reid Memorial Scholarship Fund in Economics, Leo LeBlanc International Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine, Leon R. Christensen Memorial Scholarship Fund, Leroy and Dorothy Dugan Food Chemistry Fellowship Endowment, Leslie L. and Mary E. Leone Endowed Scholarship, Lester and Adrianna Langeland Scholarship, Lester M. and Mary L. Smith Legacy Endowed Scholarship in Engineering, Lewis J. Patterson Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship in Engineering, Libby-Owens-Ford Company Endowed MBA Fellowship, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Mark H. Doty Award, Linnell Family Endowed Scholarship Fund in the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Lisa A. Knaup Endowed Memorial Scholarship, Lisa Kay Kapshandy Memorial Scholarship Award, Lloyd & Estralita Johnson Ward Olympic Spirit Athletic Scholarship Endowment, Lloyd D. & Estralita Johnson Ward Endowed Olympic Spirit Scholarship/Fellowship in Engineering, Lois Gordon Ridley Endowed Scholarships/Fellowships, Lois L. Hudson Endowed Scholarship in English Endowment, Loren O. Gettel Scholars Program in Rural Health, Lou Weckstein Endowed Scholarship Fund in Hospitality Business, Louis A. Radelet Graduate Diversity Scholarship, Louis R. Ross Endowed Assistantship in Business, Lucille P. Nyquist Memorial Endowed Electrical Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund, Lucius S. and Margaret A. Kendrick Memorial Scholarship, Lynn S. Robertson Soil and Water Conservation Endowed Scholarship, M. J.